Commercial Vs. Residential Painting Services

Why Choose Residential Painting Services? Professional residential painters offer custom services and high-quality services for every house. They can do exterior house painting, interior painting, and masonry paint.

residential painting services

How Do I Go About Finding a Painting Company? There are many ways to find residential painting services in your area. Most commercial painters will have a website with a list of jobs and contact information. Many of them also will email or call you with a free estimate, so you can see what their prices are before you hire them.

What Options Do I Have Available to me for Residential Painting Services? There are several options available to you. Professional residential painters can come to your house and do the painting job for you. They may charge you a fee for this service, but since most commercial painters have an extensive insurance plan, it is well worth it.

What Options Do I Have Available to me for Exterior House Painting? There are many options available to you as well. You can choose to have a painting company come out to your house and your yard and base molding for painting. You can also choose to have them bring an ad of some kind to your house and ground molding and then paint the exterior of your home yourself. This way, you will not have to pay the expense of having a painting contractor come out to your home. This option will cost you some extra money, but it can save you some time if you do it yourself.

Do I Have to Hire Residential Painting Services? No, residential painting services are not contractors. They are just ordinary people that make a living painting house. When you call up a residential painting services company and give them an order, they will tell you within a few minutes if they can complete the job for you or not. Of course, they want to get paid for their services, but they will not worry about if you can pay them or not.

Do I Have to Hire Commercial Painting Services Professionals? If you need to have a professional painter come out and give your house painting project a professional touch, you will have to hire them to do the job. It is always best to hire a painting contractor that has been in business for at least a few years to be assured that they are doing a good job and are not trying to jump through any hoops to get you to hire them.

Can I Get a Free Estimate on Exterior Base Molding? Yes, you can get a free estimate on exterior base molding when you call a residential painting services company to paint your home. The base molding holds up the exterior walls of your home and protects the wood from rotting. You should look at the exterior walls and see what type of paint they have on them before you let the residential painting company know what color you would like on them. 

What Does it Cost to Hire Commercial Painting Services Professionals? It depends on who you hire to paint your home. When it comes to residential painting services, the cost of the service will most likely be more than it would be to hire professionals in commercial painting services. This is because the residential painter is just an ordinary guy that is trying to make a living. However, when you hire professionals in commercial painting services, they will have much better equipment and cost more money.

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