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Roxbury: Energy Efficient Log Home

One of our more recent building projects is this magnificent, energy efficient log home in Upstate New York, in the beautiful Catskills region. We have documented the building process of this project in five extensive videos, which you’ll find below.

This one-of-a-kind home features a geothermal heating system that provides all the domestic hot water and heating through the radiant heat floor. The home features the 8×8 D log with dovetail corners.


Collaboration: it’s what sets us apart

Our work as a construction management company is the sum of hundreds of decisions made in the field, in consultation with project partners and owners, and a million strokes of skilled hands set to each task. Fine-tuning all the different elements and systems required in building a home, and mastering all those many collaborations, is what sets us apart.

One example of a great contractor relationship, leading to stunning results, is our work with Vermont based Greg Brown Masonry, one of the focuses in this video.


Net Zero Building: about Geothermal Energy

Aspen Construction Services has been building houses for 30 years. We’ve come a long way from the giant houses leaking energy in the 1990′s. We have become experts at building super insulated, high-efficiency houses, using great alternative energy sources, like the geothermal energy system in this Catskills log home.

The video explains the green choices, the advantages of geothermal energy as explained by geothermal designer Lloyd Hamilton, and the benefits of an overall integrated system.


Midway the Project: Finishing the Exterior

The next video shows where we’re at at about five months into the job on this Roxbury log home.

The entire exterior area is finished, and we are working closely with our clients on the finer details for the finish. The building is roofed, sealed, stained, and the exterior grounds are now being graded and landscaped by LaFever Excavating. This local, Bovina based subcontractor, managed by Jonathan LaFever, does an excellent job, using some impressive heavy machinery and their many years of expertise.


Open House

As the outside of the energy efficient log home is now all done, it’s time for an open house. Aspen Construction Services organizes the event together with Mark and Cindy Efinger, of Patriots Country Log & Timberframe Homes, an independently owned building consultant of Tennessee Log and Timber Homes for New England and New York.

This video explains the advantages of a smartly built log home when it comes to energy efficiency in a colder climate. And read more about the open house, right here.



We round up our documentation of the building process of this log home with a final video: both the exterior and interior of the house are all finished, and the geothermal system works just as planned: flawlessly!

Time for a last open house and a look back at the building process, with the home owner, the geothermal designer, and Michael and Linda LaCroix, building partners at Aspen Vermont Construction Services.


See photos of the finish, (CarolynBates.com, photographer):